Architectural Planning Drawings

Planning Drawings

Planning drawings are the architectural drawings our clients have to submit as part of any planning permission application they want to make. They are an essential tool for architects and clients to communicate their vision so that planners can understand how their project fits into the landscape as a whole.

The truth is these drawings need skill, experience and precision in their execution to correctly convey the project’s dimensions and scale to the planning officer, so that they approve the application as a whole. Later on, these planning drawings are key for the construction and fit-out of the project.

How do they fit into the Planning Application as a whole?

Planning permission applications mainly entail written descriptions of the development to take place – a complex task by itself – but planning drawings give a necessary overall impression of what the project looks like in relation to its surrounding buildings. Given that many council planners are often overworked and stressed, these planning drawings can present visual information in a format that is quicker to understand in terms of project’s general layout, massing and context.

This is a really useful and efficient way for the planners to get an initial impression of the project and see how it fits into its surroundings, before they examine the details of the project in the extended written section.