Building Regulation Drawings

Building Regulations Drawings

When it comes to extending a home, converting a building or developing new build houses, the Building Regulations drawings package is one of the most important sections of the entire process. Without detailed Building Regulations drawings, the success of your project will suffer, regardless of how great your design is.

We have been receiving Building Regulations enquiries for many years, and it’s surprising to us how many people don’t take the Building Regulations application drawings as seriusly as they should .

Some of them use the services of unqualified online architects and end up disappointed once their application is turned down. Similar to tales of low-cost flying nightmares. Or they rely on their Building Regulations approval drawings when they appoint a builder and end up very unhappy once their construction cost goes up.


Building regulations process

  • First building regulation drawings draft will be sent within 2 working weeks to be confirmed by the contractor and engineer
  • Create any last-minute alterations before confirming the design
  • Design gets sent to their chosen building control (we can request quotes from different companies on their behalf)
  • We are on call and liaising with building control and the contractor for the duration of the design


Why Use Imperium Architecture?

Our Building Regulation Drawings are developed, with your input, to produce detailed drawings (plans, elevation sections) for submission to Building Control for their statutory approval and also to enable tendering and construction.


  • Full Plans Building Regulation Submission: We can submit for ‘full plans’ approval under the building regulations to an Approved Building Inspector company. We will fill out application forms, draft an accompanying letter, package and submit.


  • We liaise with other professional advisors: We will liaise with other professional advisors, such as Structural Engineers, Arboriculturist, M&E consultants, Energy Performance Specialists, Building Control Inspectors or any other professional deemed necessary for the satisfactory completion of the work.