Planning Applications

Planning Applications

Planning is complex, no one can guarantee planning permission. There are many variables in the planning system, and these variables interact in ways that mean that no one can predict the outcome of a planning application. These realities make the task of successfully preparing a planning application incredibly challenging. In order to succeed, you need to have not only a feasible project, but also a precise, proven planning system.

Our rigorously tested process allows us to specialise in crafting creative planning application strategies for residential developments with sensitive planning conditions and restrictions.

With a dedicated focus in developing good design with our clients and seeking collaborative negotiation with planning officers, we secure planning permissions for unprecedented and quite exceptional projects.

Planning permission covers extensions (single rear past 3m, double rear, single side, double side, single front, double front), change of use (from house to flats etc) and more. It also covers loft conversions that require a hip roof to gable end roof.

Permitted development covers single storey rear extensions within 3m and most loft conversions that don’t require a roof change.

This is only applicable if their rights haven’t been revoked which would be on their deed.

All drawings will take up to 2 working weeks.



  • Measured site survey
  • Preliminary design sent within 2 working weeks
  • Design edits until happy
  • Planning application submission acting as agent on applicants behalf
  • Management of application and communication with the local council until they have reached a decision