This terraced home was built around the 1900’s and accommodates 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, one kitchen and breakfast area, a dining room and a living room.

Our client contacted us to complete the architectural drawings to apply for full planning permission to convert the property into 3 self contained flats with a loft conversion to accommodate the final flat which is a studio style design.

To maintain the local area and street aesthetic, we have opted for the rear dormer cladding to match the existing roof tiles for a seamless blend.

Our main focus was creating a floor plan in which the designs could be stacked above one another to allow for easy installation of plumbing and electrics. This design tactic also allows for the ground and first floor to have equal floor space. We also took into consideration the daily living of the proposed tenants, stacking the floor plans reduces the risk of any noise being above or below the bedrooms.

With the design we aimed to add rather than remove for an easier installation process for the builders and worked with the house to avoid removing any original features.

project summary

Project type: Private home
Service: Conversion of one dwelling into 3 self contained flats with the addition of a loft conversion to accommodate the 3rd flat
Location: London
Estimated Market Value: £701,000
Existing Property: 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms